A company that will eventually make every program and take over the computing industry
"Who Makes that"
--"Adobe, who else!"
by Shaun Speers May 30, 2005
Top Definition
A computer software company that specializes in making bloated, slow, and pathetically overpriced software, especially for graphics. Some software titles include:

Photoshop: A powerful, but slow, poorly designed and made, and too overpriced for anyone to really consider buying. Download it.

Acrobat: A standard Adobe is trying to force on everyone. A slow, bulky, and pathetic program. Many OTHER programs let you create PDF's for free.
"Hey I just paid $700 for Adobe Photoshop!"
"Wow you got ripped, you can get it online for free if you know where to look."
by Annorax October 24, 2004
(slang) Spanish term for human excrement. This is probably derived from the fact that the word also can signify mud (as in, a mixture of dirt and water), thus creating the clever wordplay.
1) Hey vato, I need to take an Adobe!

2) Look at that messy toilet, it's covered with Adobe!
by Robyn Milktoast December 09, 2008
4. A slang term used to refer to short homosexual Asian men.
Hey its that nerd Adobe over there.
by JC_ZERO January 10, 2008
The company that make software so overpriced it's pathetic. Examples include:

Photoshop: $700

Flash: $800 ($1600 for pro version)

Thank god for torrents.
Whoever paid for any of Adobe's products got severely ripped off.
An "Adobe" is when a person uses their fecal matter as lube when giving a hand job.
Mo's mother gives the most foul smelling adobe jobs.
by JHM/TWJ November 26, 2010
Something you won't find in Nairobi.
You won't find any ADOBE here in NAIROBI, but we do have some spectacular hotels.
by AdobeInNairobi November 05, 2009
This is an adjective to describe an attractive girl. This term originates from Adobe's .pdf file, as a girl described as "Adobe" is generally Pretty Damn Fine.
Dan: Damn, that girl is adobe.
Chris: What the fuck does that mean?
Dan: She's a pdf. Pretty damn fine. You know, adobe.
by Nappe loken October 23, 2010
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