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This clothing line was made famous by the most popular hip hop group RUN DMC.Now like Sean John it has been DEGRADED,SHITTED ON,SPITTED on.Addidas was once famous and beatiful.Now i am in utter discust that this group of fearsome "Kaj Nazarz" (armoz) have worn the same piece of "Addidas" for centuries.They have turned soccer warumps into a fasion..God knows what this group of i guess you can call them people will demoralize next.
I am to disgusted to give an example sorry...
by Garen November 14, 2004
Athletic shoes: frequently seen misspelling of adidas.
I just got a new pair of addidas shelltoes.
by Charlie March 13, 2005
Pot. If youve ever stared at the addidas logo long enough, it's undeniable, it looks like a marijuana leaf in a way.
Hey you, can you hook a sister up with some addidas?
by Xtine Max January 02, 2004
crips slang for bklood killa
a cuzzin addidas
by Psyc'Co Loc'C March 08, 2004