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The biggest waste, of exactly one seventh of your life.
oh crap, tomorrow is MONDAY!!!
by Eric Gardner November 27, 2007
The safe word used in the Vandersexxx Erotic club, featured in the movie "Euro trip"
Sexy girl: Bring out the testical clamps!
Guy: Oh Crap! Flugan..basja..sbiner holzeen?
Sexy girl: do u mean Fluggaenkoecchicebolsen?
by Eric Gardner July 31, 2008
Rolling on Adderall. In the state of euphoria and all around feel-good-ness because of the popular ADHD and narcolepsy treatment known as adderall, or adderall XR (extended release) The abuse of adderall is usually caused by homework and huge tests because of the motivation and energy that adderall can provide.
During the week of midterms it is pretty easy to spot people who are adderolling because they are restlessness, sociable, never hungry, and are usually found with their head in a large book
by Eric Gardner January 08, 2009
1. Plural of octopus

2. Pi to the 8th power

3. An octagon shaped pie
Hey man, pass me the octopi
by Eric Gardner February 24, 2008
An acronym for "Human Spontaneous Combustion Syndrome", usually occurring by static electricity sparks igniting articles of clothing without warning. There has been documented occasions of this happening.

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as SHCS ("Spontaneous human combustion syndrome")
My friend's chronic HSCS caused him to burst into flames.
by Eric Gardner October 16, 2007
An attempt to stifle an oncoming sneeze

by Eric Gardner January 13, 2009
A problem to the most extreme extent possible.
guy#1: dude that girl is becoming a plabrum
guy#2: tell me about it...
by Eric Gardner November 25, 2007

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