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a sex change operation in which a female becomes a male.
Lois became Louis after she had an addadicktome operation.
by io spaccone July 11, 2005
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This is a sex change operation when a female becomes a male and has their sexual privates reshaped into a dick, thereby adding a dick to me.
Yo, is Taquisha really getting an addadicktome operation and changing her name to Tristam? Yeah, s/he is and has been taking man-pills for over a year now and talk about a 5 o'clock shadow....that fool has to shave twice a day. But it was really a good idea becuase Taquisha was so ugly s/he looks better as a man (but is still ugly as a mud fence).
by Earl at the Blue Iguana September 26, 2009
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A medical term slang for a female to have surgery to change to a male.
Tonsils are removed its a Tonsillectomy.
to Stop men's sperm is a Vasectomy
to attach a penis to a female is a addadicktome
by U-DIG August 25, 2007
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a medical procedure in which u get a dick added.
also enlargement of the penis.
the guy with a small dick got an addadicktome
by dave baron May 19, 2007
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the medication for when a female wants to change genders and become a man
The girl wanted to be a male so the doctor prescribed addadicktome.
by crzywhitemudder May 25, 2009
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