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The Savior of the Internet
I was isolated from the world until I heard about AdBlock Plus
by iHateApple September 07, 2015
A plugin used in browsers meant to block advertisements in different sites.
Guy 1: Those shitty YouTube 30 second long commercials are pissing me off.

Guy 2: You kinda deserve it.

Guy 1: Wtf, why?

Guy 2: Because you don't have adblock plus you dumbfuck.
by MrBananass October 25, 2015
The Google or Firefox addon that sponsored sites don't want you to have.
"Dammit.. Add another to the list Jon. At this rate we won't be raking in the cash. Another one just added Adblock Plus to their addons."
by Wink-Wonk October 25, 2015
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