A man who sits at home on a computer and reads definitions about his own name. Wondering if some of these may be written by people who actually know him. He is in-fact Truthful somewhat good looking but still wonders why he is single. Secretly a big nerd but the most caring man when it comes to ones he loves or Girlfriends he once loved.
Adam: Stop reading this adam and know you're a good guy most of these can be funny but they do get you thinking. You're a great person and that girl you still love will be just fine without you worrying about her 24/7.
by ajaxztheshaman December 24, 2011
The epitome of awesomeness.

Usually dark haired and hot, sexy and seductive, and sometimes emo-ish and/or bi, they have a voice that could melt stone. Truly romantics at heart, they hide it from most everyone. They have gorgeous eyes that probably have superman's lazer-vision because they're so awesome. They have mouths that should be illegal, and kissing skills that shouldn't be real. They usually play an instrument of some sort, mostly guitar. They say that they suck at it but in reality play very well. They value intelligence highly and think stupid girls shouldn't be allowed to live. They're also good at video games.
They're girl-magnets, but extremely sensitive, so handle with care.
OmG! That guy's an Adam!
by Please publish this <3 u 4ever September 22, 2009
The word "Adam" is also street slang for the drug Ecstasy.
"Hey bro, I want to meet Adam tonight... Can you hook me up?"
by Krauty August 02, 2005
Adam is a ruggedly handsome man, tall as a tree but soft as a marshmallow. He'll try and trick you into thinking that he's tough and manly but you can see straight through this as much as a glass wall. Great kisser though, with a great sense of humour. Charming and intelligent, Adam is so clever his first name's already got two A's. Be careful, ladies: once you love an Adam, you'll never go back!
Girl one: "I think i love Adam"
Doctor: "there's no cure for that, i'm afraid"
by jprincess December 11, 2010
A sex machine. Adam got laid at the beginning of time and still continues the tradition today.
Adam defines sex. The first person to get laid and most likely the last. No one has been having sex longer.

Adam has started a tradition that has lasted humans for millenniums. Sex has become the number one recreational activity for humans everywhere.
by Qiklotang June 11, 2005
The first man to get laid.
Wow, he gets as much ass as Adam
by Adam Epitaph April 28, 2008
Genesis 1:25, "Adam and Eve were naked, and they were not ashamed."

The modern day "Adam" is a male who tries to be as naked as is socially acceptable at all times, even if it is only BARELY acceptable.
Tommy is an Adam if I ever saw one! At home he wears shorts or swim trunks ONLY.

When outside in public, he wears sandals, a button-up shirt -- unbuttoned, or a T-shirt on his head like an Arabic head-dress.

He'd rather not wear a shirt at all, but, this way if he wants to enter a store or restaurant he can button up his dress shirt, or take the T-shirt off his head and wear it on his abdomen.
by Tommy's Mommy June 24, 2006

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