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Usually dark haired and hot, sexy and seductive, and sometimes emo-ish and/or bi, they have a voice that could melt stone. Truly romantics at heart, they hide it from most everyone. They have gorgeous eyes that probably have superman's lazer-vision because they're so awesome. They have mouths that should be illegal, and kissing skills that shouldn't be real. They usually play an instrument of some sort, mostly guitar. They say that they suck at it but in reality play very well. They value intelligence highly and think stupid girls shouldn't be allowed to live. They're also good at video games.

They're girl-magnets, but extremely sensitive, so handle with care.
Usually ends up with an Aoife, Charlotte, Aoibheann or Jade.
Adam is awesome :3
by GeorgioHeatcliff July 05, 2013
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The first Man to ever get laid.
Adam and Eve had wild sex all night long.
by Rockerman March 17, 2005
11598 2950
a goofy,funny,crazii,outgoing,loving person!
a guy with this name is amazing. he is adorable and very caring person. he will always be there for you. he might have the nicknamegoober. he can make you laugh no matter what,even if ur having the worst day ever. some people may call him weird or strange, but if he wasnt all of those things then he wouldn't be goober. he is a remarkable person,trustworthy, and an awesome friend.
you are being so adam/goober!
by a very close friend April 23, 2008
5809 3233
Hot!!! As simple as that. Adam is hot.
Karen: Adam must be the sexiest damn person alive.
Allison: I agree. Adam is hot!
by I GOT HOPPS June 11, 2005
3396 2059
An adorable boy, who is great in many ways. see perfect boy
Adam-*says the most perfect things ever,*
by Shay123456789 February 14, 2008
3829 2591
Name meaning in greek: the leader of men

When people back down, Adam steps up.

In a rough situation Adam will take command.
by useranonymous April 23, 2008
2850 1800
The most gorgeous and amazing man on the planet. This is a man with a tender heart, beautiful smile, sharp mind and a sweet spirit. Adam is "all man" yet still has a sensitive side. He is a perfect blend of sweet and strong, and is wonderful with children. Those who know him are blessed.
Adam will be a wonderful husband
by miss@ May 30, 2009
2011 1076
The funny guy, the one everyone turns to for a quick laugh or a fun time. Typically the guy that wins the heart of all the ladies.
Sarah: Adam is hilarious!
Emily: I know, Adam is the only guy i see as a perfect fit for me.
Sarah: Yeah, you and every other girl in this world.
by The Pugs Man June 11, 2005
1995 1212