Adjective; describes something that is so dope, its not even dope anymore. meaning sick, awesome, cool, hip, outrageous, etc...
Dude, did u go to that rave last night? I heard it was totally acid!
by woopitydoo360 February 22, 2010
When a rapper is so ill that when he rhymes everything around him melts down
i spit acid yesterday and my table melted
by Shawn March 18, 2004
One of the most potent drugs. Causes very radical halluciantoins. Can kill after one dosage. Often gives many flashbacks years after the drug has been taken. ILL-ADVISED.
The man is having a flashback from acid.
by McAlister March 17, 2006
an addictive drug that when you use it, it makes all of your problems go away. you get the sensation of falling and when you finally come out of the haze, you feel better than ever, and everyone should try it.... but beware. if you dont have any condoms with you, dont use it.
kid 1: hey you want some acid?
kid 2: sure whats that?
kid 1: its a drug dumbass
kid 2: ok
kid 2: dam that was gruhhhh
by Nicole M March 09, 2006

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