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Reefer, Marijuana, Homegrown, Weed,
"Yo K. Bizzle, ma dawg, I just bought a dime sack of some herbal. Dis is some good shit! Can you hit me with a 5 spot? Thanks dawg. Good lookin' out. Now lets find some hoes and party all night!"
by DANTANA April 20, 2007
A euphemism for marijuana.
"Hey dude, I just came up on some herbals, you wanna blaze it up with me?"
by Choppy February 17, 2003
slang for legal pills in New Zealand, that are pretty much synthetic methamphetamine's. Marketed as herbal pills, but arent. They are real bad, and you feel f'd for days after. made of something called BZP
man i couldnt get any e tonight so im on the "herbals"
by physiKARL August 09, 2005
When something is really impressive or simply awesome. An expression of admiration for a feat or action.
"Whoa dude, that move you just pulled was HERBAL"
by nam ehT January 16, 2012
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