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To do a task perfectly
I aced my final examination!
by Bubblie November 18, 2013
Similar to owned, or pooned, used in online gaming.
Yesterday I aced this kid in Halo 2
by D3r3k B May 17, 2005
An action or behaviour that results in the offending and/or irritation of authority.
As he was lead out of the courtroom the soul-singer was heard to say, "What's up with that...a brother can't straighten out his lady without the "man" getting all AceDS on him."
by Klockot December 08, 2003
The past tense of the verb "to ace".
To ace is either a) to teach a person not to mess with you by manipulating them into an embarassing situation or humiliating them, b) to make fun of them until they get angry, or c) to prank, degrade, and make fun of a person in a thorough manner.
Holy shit, that guy's house is totally aced! Eggs all over that shit!

Did you see the look his girlfriend gave him after I exposed his pr0n? Aced!!
by Leif Eriksson, King of Greenland December 07, 2004
anal surprise; to be caught total surprised while getting pwned at the same time; to be blindsided and served at the same time
Getting a surprise anal rape from a black man in a dark alley.. you don't see him coming till he smiles. you just got aced
by nriver November 19, 2008
screwed, not being able o do what you wanted to do
dude yoour so aced
by jason February 08, 2003
Term meaning that a paintball marker uses Anti Chop Eyes.
Eyes can be break-beam or reflective.
raced and aced
that ion is aced
by allthedamnnamesaretaken May 02, 2005