to get extremely high especialy on heroin but can pertain to any drug or alchohol.
I wanna get aced but I cant find my rig
by LôKí™ March 22, 2005
Top Definition
To destroy an enemy team in an online game.

Specifically, the entire team on your own.

For lesser degrees of victory, see: owned pwned
Wait, did I just take out the entire team? ACED!
by Martha F. Stewart December 31, 2005
The past tense of the word ace. It means, 'to put a murder contract on' or 'to have killed'.
"I hear Paulie had his ex-girlfriend aced. Turns out she was gonna go talk to his wife. She was too smart for her own good."
by sam2880 May 01, 2008
To do a task perfectly
I aced my final examination!
by Bubblie November 18, 2013
To be horny or turned on
Talking dirty with her got me really aced, but I can't do anything about it.
by Sod77 March 16, 2014
To kill a person in a online shooter game in a demoralizing manner. Or to kill them with out them even standing a chance.
This guy was driving down the road in gta v and I aced him with a hand gun from down the road.


I got aced by a head shot and I dont even know where it came from.
by arnold upperstartem June 19, 2014
Similar to owned, or pooned, used in online gaming.
Yesterday I aced this kid in Halo 2
by D3r3k B May 17, 2005
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