A console Flight/Action game based on fictional events with mainly real world military aircraft, with some exceptions. The stories revolve around usually a main protaganist which the player assumes control of, and, in later games, his wingman/men. The player starts of with low tech and basic fighters, but after advancing in the game, unlocks more planes which he/she can purchase, along with special weapons. The events of Ace Combat are set on the real world calender, and some missions have historiical date references (i.e. the Belkan Nuclear Bombing on June 6th 1995, or D-Day). Most often the charecter is portrayed as a rookie, even though within 5 missions you're slapping everyone's face and smacking down planes and targets left and right. For some unknown reason, Namco/Bandai games thought it would be a good idea to make Ace Combat 6, the most recent as of date, available only for the Xbox 360, which was a bad move on their part, instead of Playstation only. God forbid they do two launches, so I say thank you Namco/Bandai, for stabbing all your loayal players in the back. Enjoy your sage.
Me: Yeah I would love to play Ace Combat 6, except its for Xbox 360 and I'm not about to go buy another console just to play it.
by iseeum May 21, 2008
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the best flight action game ever made with a killer story,and in-your-face graphics. ace combat is the best out there. flight sim fanboys, dont bitch about this and go back to flying your cessnas
i was flying my Su-47 in ace combat zero and i seen 4 saab drakens i attcked them and i kicked there asses
by mobius1 September 24, 2007
An insanely awesome punk rock band from southern Connecticut.
I am going to watch Ace Combat play and create massive walls of death tonight at Toads Place.
by dyammi April 24, 2006
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