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Ace Combat 4 is the obviously the fourth installment in the AC series. It is the first in the series to introduce full and clean 3D rendering of real-world aircraft, excluding one example. Ace Combat 4 is set around a rookie pilot with the call-sign Mobius 1. He quickly becomes a Ribbon (ace) by Mission 8 (signified by a radio transmission after scoring a hit on one of the Yellow Squadron memebers). Mobius 1 also single handedly takes out Stonehenge (an anti-asteroid artillery battery), Yellow Squadron, and Megalith (a gigantic anti-asteroid missile launch facility). A few quirks arosed in this game including the missile tracking system and range problems (i.e. made-up distances).
Ace Combat 4 is a damn good game...when it first came out.
by iseeum May 21, 2008
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