A starting pitcher with stuff that is so dominant that even when he is not at his best he still has the ability to shut down a team and does shut down teams on a consistent basis.

Not Mark Buehrle.
Mark Buehrle is not an ace.
by Kalapse May 19, 2006
A play on the term deuceswhen throwing up the peace sign. A person says aces when they flip the bird.
friend 1:hey its getting late
Friend 2:ok i'll see you tomorrow
friend 1:aces
by jonathizzle maslizzle September 13, 2005
A North Carolina street gang that is known for its green bandana.
Person1: "Wuts poppin aces?"
Person2: "My flag hommie"
by moemoney50 April 05, 2008
to reserve your seat when you get up. must be called while your butt is still in the seat. also, someone else has to be a hearing witness of what you said, so that when you come back and some dueche bag is sitting in your seat, you can be like, "well joe heard me call aces, right joe," and joe wil be like, "ya dude i heard ya, sorry bud"
"Aces on this seat dudes, brb"
by ya dude January 18, 2007
used to call firsts on something.
Chester- I'm Bout to light up this blunt.
Mike- ACES!
Tyler- DEUCES!
Ricky- TRAY!
Chester- ...Aww, Damn
by tylagon December 05, 2006
having 99 problems but a b*tch ain't one...not in a relationship...like an Ace in a deck of cards...coined by some arablazin nukkah in the yay
chica: you got a gf?
yo: na,i'm aces
by Sushi Sush May 14, 2006
A Canadian street gang, easily noticeable by their leather jackets. Members will claim to be vigilantes who are fighting against the government to take back the power, which was never lost in the first place. Members also enjoy gaining attention by any means necessary, and are mugged frequently, on average about 5 times per day. Should be noted, members do possess "steken" like qualities.
"Hey Aces, Communism doesn't work!"
by Triple H's Track Suit October 17, 2004

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