1. Australian natives
2. abnormal and unoriginal
Aboriginals are aboriginal. :S
by Chris Christ April 28, 2010
A native inhabitant of a country.

Unlike a lot of definitions on here, NOT Australian natives. They travelled there by boat, just like the English did.
Those Aboriginal's aren't the original inhabitants.
by Blackdudette August 25, 2007
The Oldest surviving living culture alive, possibly the first race of humans. The Original inhabitants of the Australian continent therefore the landlords of Australia. A proud people.. Survivors of genocide
Indigenous, Aboriginals of Australia
by Deadly1 October 03, 2011
The original inhabitants of Australia who continue their struggle to survive in a white mans world

For 40,000 years or more they lived at one with the land and with nature. A spiritual connection that a non Aboriginal could ever understand.

For just over 200 years, white people have lived on this land and now claim ownership over Aboriginal people.

When Europeans first settled in Australia they Murdered, Raped,stole children and forced their way of life on to Aboriginal people.

Now 200 years have come and gone and Aboriginal people suffer with issues like Alcoholism, drug addictions, homelessness, loss of culture but are slowly coming back as they are a very strong culture.

There are so many stereotypes that degrade Aboriginal people that are highly untrue but there are some that are true and are just results of this civil war that goes on in Australia.

People disclaim their religion and their ways saying they are are so primitive. You can say that a rainbow serpent sounds highly unlikely and somewhat like a childish story telling, but if you compare that to any other religion in the world, it it just as likely a giant snake created rivers and mountains as mosses parted the sea, or even the concept that we go to heaven or hell. these are just stories to give us all morals and guidelines to live our lives.
Another aspect of Aboriginal culture is their general way of life. People can say that it is primitive, but that is obviously very ignorant. For 40,000 years plus they preserved the land, the original recyclers . Now in only 200 years or so there are so many environmental, political and economical disasters that have come from "white mans way" you can really ask yourself the question, which way was better?

Everyone needs to understand Aboriginal people did not choose this to happen to them nor want this to happen to them. But in moving on, we need understanding and combine contemporary and traditional Australia to have the real Australia that we all need.

For a person to say a racist thing to an Aboriginal and live in Australia id like you to first consider where you came from and how you got here and also remember who's land you are standing on.

Government benifits ARE slowly working and i am a product of that system. I am a 3rd years student studying to be a teacher and so many other Aboriginal people are conforming to the white way . So for every drunk or homeless Aboriginal you may see, just think there are another two trying to do well and help my people.
by Moojiboi April 11, 2010
Refers to being 'native' to an area. Can relate to any native population in the world. Commonly used in Canada and Australia. Is mostly connected to the First Australian Nations.

The Aboriginal people of Australia - some proper terms for Aboriginal people include :- Koori (NSW & VIC), Murri (QLD), Palawa (TAS), Nunga (SA), Nyoongar (South WA) Archaelogical evidence shows existence of Aboriginal people here up to 60,000 years ago and the time keeps extending. This is older than anything previously found in Europe, Asia and the whole world.

Aboriginal people are survivors. The whites took the land, shot and killed our people, raped our women, took our children and now want to wrap our culture in bubble wrap and sell it to Japanese tourists. We are the oldest continuing culture on earth.

Aboriginal people are proud of who they are. We have a lot to offer Australia. We know things about this land that whites haven't even dreamed about, and care for country better than anyone.
"what is your background"
"I am Aboriginal"
"Why don't you go poo in the bush"
"Yeah? Gladly. But you white fellas won't let me"
by MurriGURRL December 12, 2009
'dey is da originals peoples of de australia.
Aboriginal: 'Get outa my country you fucking white trash dog cunt.'

White Guy 'Fuck you Aboriginal.'
by Cunt dawg October 04, 2008
An ethnic people that were the original inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand, but have long since lost the land to European settlers (particularly the Anglo-Saxons). The Aboriginals were also the original inhabitants of North America, and their mixture with later-arriving Asians created what we refer to as Native Americans. Today, the Aboriginals are the dominant ethnic group of India and Mexico, and may be found throughout the entire Indian subcontinent and Latin America.
The popular name "Kyle" (or Kylie for girls) is of Aboriginal decent.

Most people dont realize that Aboriginals may be found in other locations besides Australia.
by Khale January 09, 2007

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