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abhay is a real cool person who plays guitar and loves heavy metal. people always hangout with abhay and respect abhay a lot. Abhays are funny and good looking.
It also means fearless in hindi
that guy was awesome must be abhay
by w(A)rlord February 04, 2010

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a chill dude who broke stereotypes and is a homie to the end. a homie that knows what is up and even though he knows hes crazy can never get enough. an abhay is a fearless homie who always has your back no matter how rough things can get.

means fearless in hindi
man i was about to pass out after the party but abhay had my back and helped me on my feet.
by asdfadsdsafasdfasdfadsfadsfads April 08, 2011
someone who is very full of himself, probably a gay princess
Material girl Madonna insists on total darkness. During a recent stay at an Italian villa, she wanted every garden light to be turned off so she could see the stars. That is so Abhay!
by Voluptious Anamika February 04, 2010