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The quality of being a bear, or bear-like in thought process.

Abearness can be improved through hibernation or other general bear-associated activities.
Eg.1 A bear is ripping through the forest, tearing up small shrubs and killing little animals, and all that's going through his head is "This is sick.. I'm a fucking bear!"


Person 1: So yeah, she ate a a whole pizza and went straight to bed.
Person 2: Dude, that's some major abearness right there.
by Geor-lias July 28, 2009
Short for 'bear awareness'.
1) july is abearness month in Canada

marc: 'hey are you going to the bear fair?'
john: 'is the bear fair back in town?!'
marc: 'sure, it's abearness day!'
by GAthrawn August 25, 2009
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