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a person who enjoys thinking up insults to embarrass their friends. awesomely popular but very short. the coolest person you'll ever meet. too smart to handle. usually with very beautiful dark hair that she wont admit is not frizzy. stubborn. very. has the most squeaky voice you'll ever hear, and, on occasion is known to break windows of houses in northern china. sometimes called aardvark because of the double a.
Person 1: i just met this girl names aarthi and she is hands down the most awesome and cool person i ever met.
Person 2: woah thats an odd name it reminds me of an aardvark. too bad that is not her nickname.
Person 1: we shall call her that.
by the cooler one ya November 15, 2010
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Aarthi: Noun; A creature hailing from the depths of heaven and hell, to beautiful to ever touch, to Awesome to ever offend, to lovely to ever hurt, to cute to ever hate. Aarthi the most magnificent creature known to man
Micheal saw an Aarthi the other day, he's been in a coma ever since.
by Slcik Nasty December 08, 2011

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