My generation's Justin Bieber. A kid who made shitty kid's music and 10-14 year old girls ate it up.
Kid when I was your age, I had Aaron Carter. Not Justin Bieber!
by Bill the Patgoat November 18, 2010
Top Definition
A pop singer who was cute when he was 10, but now is no longer cute. He is famous for his hated songs like "Crush On You" and "I Want Candy."
Aaron Carter is the younger brother of that Nick Carter guy.
by i don't like you May 23, 2006
A short blonde wigger who thinks he's black.Just a little dork who sings such wonderful music as "I want Candy".Could sometimes be gay,and has spaz attacks.
Aaron carter stor spazzing around
by Callie iz a child molestor September 20, 2005
A teen pop-singer who dated many girls, ranging from celebrities to unknown girls such as April from NY, Amanda from FL, Lyndsay Lohanfrom CA and Hilary Dufffrom CA. He is currently with a girl named Kaci Brown, a former pop singer. They currently live together in Los Angeles, CA.
Aaron Carter's 'I Want Candy' has been overplayed, but still lingers in the hearts of many children.
by Jamie McMullen June 03, 2007
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