New Zealand Definition

1. Turn on the oldschool stovetop element to full power (found in almost every young person's flat in NZ)
2. Slot knives into elements
3. While waiting for knives to get insanely hot, roll your weed into balls and smash the bottom off a bottle (secret method required). Galliano bottles are brilliant.
4. Put the bottle to your mouth (not the smashed end) and ask your mate to drive for you.
5. Driving requires concentration and skill. Grab the knives by the handles and dab a spot with the hot end, thus picking it up. Hold knives under bottle's end while the receiver holds bottle top to mouth. Moosh the spot together between the knives, releasing smoke. Moosh it good and while your mate sucks it up.
"Deutz! I'm so ready for a spot after all that writing"
by peow peow, I got you in the ass. September 06, 2006
a pustual gland that comes up on your face/body due to hormones or over eating or an unbalanced diet.
I knew i get at least one spot from consuming seven packets of crisps,but seven in a row is some what taking the mickey,i mean thats one for every bloody pack!
by charlotte June 13, 2003
Something that markerita's face is covered in.
Markerita has more than just a spot
by Tonedef667 November 23, 2003

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