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its a radio show made by no1 dj in the world armin van buuren .....and it means 2 meanings
1- a state of trance : as in the state of trance like a state of california or texas
2- a state of trance : as in a mood of trance like a mood of listening to trance music
1- oh my god i listened to the last a state of trance and it was awsome
by vodca333 December 14, 2009
1. A hypnotic state in which one may be put in by something (such as trance music).

2. A weekly radio show broadcast on ID-T dutch radio in which Armin Van Buuren plays the newest and hottest tunes of the moment.
Look at that zombie, it's like he's in a state of trance!

Welcome to A State Of Trance, with Armin Van Buuren.
by Armin Van Buuren July 27, 2003
See: A State of Trash with Armin Van Boring
<loser1> what does ASOT stand for?
<loser2> a state of trance with the greatest dj!$!% omg!!
<anyone^else> sigh
<anyone^else> ahah you mean a state of trash with armin van boring
by Joseph February 26, 2004