short name of a state of trance which is the show hosted by AvB
"of fuck i haven't listened last ASOT episode yet"
by ilkin March 18, 2007
1- armin van buuren's radio show on ( a state of trance )
2- as seen on tv
1- i listened to asot 400 it was awsome
by vodca333 December 14, 2009
Abbreviation of As Seen On TV. Term to be used as an adjective, to describe when a situation or conversation is or was so cliche, stereotypical or fake in content or feeling that it seems as if it could only be on TV.
When Jimmy and dad had one of those 'father-son moments' after they decided it was best not to tell mom about Jimmy sneaking out in her car to see Jane, it was rather ASOT
by Quinn Allen June 06, 2007

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