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drug dealing talk referring to how much the seller is charging for each pill.
cliental: "how much for the 30 mg and 10 mg addys?"
dealer: "30's are 4 a pop and the 10s are 2 a pop."
#addy #xanax #drug dealing #adderall #vicos
by 4apopper August 03, 2010
The perscripton pill Ambion
"Brotha was a fucked mutha after the he did some a-pops !"
#ambian #ambion #a pill #a pops #a-pops
by Durp January 30, 2007
means the Amazing Power of Pussy. Used to describe a situation in which a man show outrageous, unthinkable behavior in pursuit of a woman. This would include moving to Alaska in February, or abandoning family/state/governorship to fly out of the country to be with an Argentine mistress. Often associated with disastrous or catastrophic consequences.
Dude #1: Hey, I heard Jason is moving to Juneau. He hates cold weather! What's up with that?!

Dude #2: Yeah, but he's crazy about some chick that wants him to move up there.

Dude #1: That's APOP for you.
#pussy power #pussy #blue balls #middle-age crazy #mid-life crisis
by gobaba June 29, 2009
Air Passing Over Poop. Farting while you have a turd in the chamber.
Yuck! Who let out the APOP?
#fart #pass gas #bust ass #cut the cheese #flatulence
by Monte W Hippet August 08, 2009
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