A bitch in heat literally means a female dog who is in heat. (Heat meaning she is 'in season' to mate and have babies.)

A bitch in heat is sometimes used when reffering to humans, generally females. A female ththat goes after every male she can find, and is being extremely lustful. A blunt way to put this would be a horny woman.
Literally: "The bitch was in heat."

"She was eyeing the man like a bitch in heat."
(Or sometimes it is written as "like a bitch DOG in heat.")

by Miss Holly October 03, 2005
Top Definition
A "Horny" biotch who is just looking for a good fuck.
My girl likes to fuck every morning, she's like a bitch in heat.
by Theocore January 27, 2006
1) A horny girl.
2) A dishonest/ lying person; comes from the old southern expression: "You lie like a dog(or bitch) in heat." (Female dogs lie around a lot when in heat)
She's a bitch in heat. (She's a damn liar.)

- The phrase is used as an emphatic tool; it has a kind of harsh connotation, like putting damn in front the word "liar."

The phrase's use is not limited to describing women: "You lie like a bitch in heat son."
by Walkdog64 May 06, 2008
An excuse men use to free themselves from actually having to care about what a woman is feeling and what's bothering her
Joe: Sarah doesn't want to talk to me. Think I should be sensitive and aske her what's wrong?
John: Fuck no, she's obviously just a bitch in heat
by Rapscallion February 04, 2006
1)a female dog on the prowl
2)what it's hotter than.
1)"Buffy's in heat! It's time to breed her!"
2)"I'm sweatin like a state fair sow! It's hotter than a bitch in heat!"
by Nastina August 08, 2005
A woman who is experiencing menopause, causing her to be very moody.
Man: Hello.
Woman: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!
Man: Damn, you're a bitch in heat.
by a dictionary December 24, 2005
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