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n. Theoretically, an awful thing. Quite literally though, a barrel, containing any number of assholes that have been previously smashed.
Oh no, holy shit! That girl who just came in the bar - she is uglier than a barrel full of smashed assholes!
by Justice April 22, 2005
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1. Used to denote a foul visual appearance; Ugly. 2. to indicate a repugnant odor; often includes the word 'unwiped'. 3.a large quantity of drunken buffoons; may indicate anger and/or cockiness. 4. May indicate anger or cockiness for an individual where appropriate.
"Gene's dog was uglier than a barrel full of smashed assholes."

"When Sheila came home from the cattle auction, she smelled like a barrel full of unwiped smashed assholes."

"Murphy's pub had a barrel full of smashed assholes."

"I've had enough of your attitude, Smitty. You're as fun as a barrel full of smashed assholes."
by Lauren P. July 20, 2005
A general feeling after a night of heavy alcohol consumption.
I feel like a barrel of smashed assholes
by Angela Zarco July 28, 2005
This is a piratical reference to booty or plunder. The gold and silver coins looted during raids were minted in the likeness of Kings, Queens, and other nobility and aristocracy. A derogatory reference to the nobility and its wealth, each coin representing the "asshole" who had his picture "smashed" onto the surface.
"Now bend an ear you scurvy dogs and listen close, there's a barrel full of smashed assholes on board yon vessel and we'll be taken all of it 'for nights end, whores and rum for months to come me boys."
by Aug February 08, 2007

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