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Zushoo (or Robert) is a 18year old boy from London (UK) and broadcasts almost daily on BlogTV. He also has a Youtube and Twitter account.

In his shows Zushoo often entertains his audience with games such as hangman and pictionary. He's known for playing the 'gaybar' song and songs from Aqua. He also likes to plays retro game themes on his keyboard (think of Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Tetris, etc.)
"I'm currently watching Zushoo's show!"

"Have you seen that video in which Zushoo dances in a kangaroo outfit?"
by Saraingirl February 23, 2009
'Zushoo' is made up of Robert and Samual, two 19 year old boys from london. They make random youtube videos on their main account, and robert, also makes his own skits/vlogs on his own channel, ( robertkayy ).
'Did you see zushoo's video with the man in the toilet?'
'Yeah, was well good!'
by ThisIsASecretYEAH April 15, 2010
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