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1) Shortened form of `What's Up`; 2) Hello.

Me: Zup!
You: Zup!
by poopa June 11, 2003
to say whats up in a way like u dont really care about what your friend has to say.(but u say it to make it look like you care and u dont really have anything better to do)
you:zup tommy?
tommy:omg i had the most awesome weekend ever!
you:yeah i dont really care
by *gloria* April 22, 2008
A lurker who has spontaneous insight. Rarely chats, but has strong views on several subjects. Generally is well liked by those that know them.
He's such a zup! Why can't he just be like us and flame the hell out of everyone?
by Ryan March 06, 2005
means "yup". an enthusiastic version of "yes".
you: hey, did you go to hollywood upstairs medical college too?
me: zup. zoot!
by honeywhiska December 26, 2006
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