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2 definitions by poopa

1) Shortened form of `What's Up`; 2) Hello.

Me: Zup!
You: Zup!
by poopa June 11, 2003
88 43
Pronounced: GA-RUNS
A shortend version of garunteed, used when something is really good. Can also be a replacement for any word, used because you feel like saying GARUNS!
Mostly used by chavs/townies/nutters/jesus
Example 1-
Man: Check this out... *Points at something really fantasmic* (see fantasmic)

Jesus: ah Garuns!

Example 2- (when you just feel like saying garuns)

Jesus: Oi you! Check out the size of my garuns!

Man: Garuns!
by poopa April 11, 2006
11 10