Zorro is a charming fictional character who fought for the rights of his people in mexico through his quick wit, sword, incredibly handsome looks and intellect. Most recently played by Antonio Bandares in the latest Zorro flicks.

There are Zorro's walking among us today and they are the most heavenly people on earth. Perfect in every way, a Zorro lives peacefully but they live with purpose... to restore the peace belonging to the people they love and also their own peace. Zorros are incredibly handsome and are beautifully romantic with their lovers. And their lovers are spellbound by Zorro's perfectness. He does eveything in his power to love and care for his sweetheart and in return she, usually a short slighly dim character, loves him with every fiber of her being. Underneath Zorros' mask lies a truly beautiful person with only love, care and protection. His lover will always be by his side because that is what love is all about. Zorros' are strong, courageous, bold on the one hand yet are sweet, caring, calm, understanding and loving. There may be many men who adopt the name Zorro but there is only one true Zorro, the superhero of her heart.
1. "Zorro is God and he is the one all shall bow to" *BOW*

2. "For Zorro, I would return a million times because he is deserving of more than i could ever give."

3. "Hail Zorro, he is so gorgeous... i think i need a ventilator pump..." *Huff Huff Huff*
by zorro's#1fan June 13, 2010
Spanish Batman
Hey look it's Batman.....nope it's Zorro, he's Spanish!
by railroading1234 August 19, 2012
1. Defender of the working class.

2. After having sex with a girl on her period, she cleans you up and then kisses you. Period come from pussy to dick to her mouth to YOUR mouth. (Its usually a quickie)
1. Antonio Banderas

2. He was so wasted during that fuck with her, by the time they were done. It was too late for him to realize that he was "zorroed"
by StrictlyJdN March 14, 2011
When you have sex with a girl while she's on her period. After you're done, she gives you a blow job and then kisses you. That pattern makes a "Z" like Zorro.
Dude, that girl I fucked last week was on her period and she made a Zorro... ewww
by flamingochick0220 March 26, 2011
While having anal sex you pull out and draw a "Z" on your girlfriends forehead with your penis with her fecal matter. And when drawn you shout Z for Zorro
Joe: hey man did you hook up with that girl from the bar

jr: yea bro I did!, I gave her the Zorro.
Joe: haha dang bro I'm going to try that with the next girl I meet!
by Jro87 January 19, 2010
The Zorro is where your fucking a girl from behind and right before you cum you pull out. You try and cum the letter "Z" on her back... When she turns around and ask what the hell was that, you pick the sheets up and put it over your face..
I ran the Zorro on that girl last night.
by ballin1987 May 26, 2009
The constantly, overdressed male (douche) who never leaves his house without putting on an outlandishly loud 'suit' in order to lure gold-digger and groupie types.
'...Ummmm--like who wears an embroidered dress shirt, a rhinestone-studded sport-coat and aligator shoes to go to the grocery store!? What a Zorro!'
by Rico Suave Bandito March 13, 2009

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