Zooted: Straight fucked up after doing any certain drug
Kaylin: What's good?

Josh: Sheeeit girl... You know I'm just Zooted.

Kaylin: Nigga, your walways Zooted.

by Joneski151 March 01, 2012
Being so high that you forget your own name.
Dude, I am just zooted.
by Pro-v July 26, 2009
A way to describe how you feel after ingesting a large amount of cocaine; very coke'd up.
"Man, I was so coke'd up last night. I can't believe that eight ball only lasted an hour."

"For real my dude, I was fuckin' zooted!
by Esko911 March 10, 2011
Being High on Cocaine.
Damn last night me and my bro bought an 8ball of some super good good. We got SOOOO Zooted we were out of our minds.
by m Cube From the HBG June 04, 2010
Smoking so much weed to the point where rainbows and flying turtles becomes a reality. Everything is funny even if your getting raped by a giant scorpion.
Fuck me in the beard , I'm so zooted i felt like my penis was talking to me
by the fucking machine January 18, 2012
To be excited about something
"bruh i'm hella zooted about this jumper we finna hop in"
by thuglyfeee November 01, 2011
Zooted is a adverb explaining that someoene is HIGH As Hell!!!
I just got some haze that had mii zooted out of mii mind
by G-R-I-P September 21, 2009

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