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a greeting for online chatting. the correct response is poooz.
dufus: zoop!
dorkus: pooz! you feeling like grabbing a pint?
by drive October 02, 2003
7 77
"Zoop" is essentially a sound. Like "poof" with a zip to it. Whatever it was left quickly. So if someone loses something, tangible or intangible, they've been "zooped."
You are in an argument and your opponent has no comeback.
You say, "Zoop..." and walk away.
by Matt Durham March 24, 2006
13 85
its thats feeling you get after someone pokes you in teh back of the neck and you flinch like amillion times cuz thats the spot where your really sensitive and ..yea
::pokes psycho John in neck and watches him fall and squirm for like 10 minutes::
by Tana December 28, 2003
5 77
Strangest. Game. Ever.

by Satan January 10, 2003
19 91
Etymology: English slang.
Function: noun.
See Zuppe.
Stop being such a Zoop and make up your damn mind!
by J.Hennessy March 30, 2005
22 95