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Zone 6 is a zone that covers the Eastside of Atlanta.

Its full name is Atlanta Patrol Zone 6.

Areas, hoods and roads in Zone 6 include:

- Bouldercrest
- Candler Park
- East Atlanta
- Eastland Heights
- Edgewood
- Flat Shoals Ave.
- Glenwood Dr.
- Kirkwood
- Memorial Dr.
- Mountain Park
- Sun Valley
... plus others.
A: What zone you from?

B: Eastside Zone 6 the long way.

A: Where you stay?

B: Glenwood Dr.
by Don TrapStar March 14, 2009
Southern slang for the East Atlanta Area. More particualry Ellenwood: Gresham, Bouldercrest, Flatshoals, and Glenwood.
T:"Yo dawg, where u from?"

B:"I'm from zone 6, eastside"
by Knew September 26, 2006
USDA Zone 6 covers a large part of middle America, currently from Colorado to Massachusetts. Global warming is shifting it north.
A: Hey motherfucker what zone ya from?


A: It's cool, homey, I don't want no trouble from you northern growers. <mumbles: those dudes are hardcore>

B: True dat warm climate pussies!
by Tyrone T Growa March 29, 2013
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