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Zompires are a cross between Zombies and Vampires.
Zompires are the creatures that are featured in the movie I Am Legend, also know as Dark Seekers.
by The Plunja December 14, 2007
The mythical term for a half vampire, half zombie creature.
by booooooooooooooopoooo December 03, 2008
half zombie half vampire
me (zompire) hahahaha
by Sparky Reaper September 17, 2008
A mystical creature , lives in dark shallow corners of classrooms mainly english classes far away from sunlight . Zompires sleep constantly even though it may seem that a Zompire is awake , it is asleep. Zompires are extremely sensitive to sunlight mainly due to their addiction to roacutan as well as the fact that they sleep all the time and hardly see sunlight . Zompires are carnivorous creatures that feed off the blood of human beings and human brains aswell due to the fact that they are essentially a mix breed of a zombie and a vampire and so they both hiss and make droning ghost type noises . When approached by a zompire do not panic , just use whatever light you have , shine it on the zompire and it will instantly turn to a pile of ash. Zompires main language is Dossish wchich consistof a series of the word doss eg: doooossed doooooosed dooooosed which means , im a zompire i will drink your blood , and eat your brains fear me.
Holy shit thats a zompire in my english class, oh no worries i will just open the blinds and he will turn to dust !
by Dr Doubell September 10, 2010

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