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A person so obsessed with Justin Bieber they act as a mindless zombie when he is mentioned.
Radio: "Baby, baby, baby, ohhhh"

Girl: omgiusfiudvbdoihasdiudfkbihdfiomdfgoihdfghoisdgomg.

Dude 1: What the hell is wrong with her?

Dude 2: She's a major Zombieber, man.
by J-man. February 07, 2011
Any person following the life of Justin Bieber without thought or question.
That girl has been to every one of his concerts, she's like a Zombieber!
by Andywhy February 11, 2011
A combination of the word "zombie" and "Bieber" describing fans of the loved and hated Canadian popstar Justin Bieber. They are seen writing Facebook posts of how much they love Bieber, have posters of him all over their room, and go to all of his concerts.

Friend 1: Hey, I just got tickets to the Justin Bieber concert! *squeals like little school-girl*

Friend 2: This friendship is now in serious doubt you Zombieber.
by Sophomoric Penguin May 21, 2013
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