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A female who had a short but very succeful movie streaming channel on Mogulus.

Also known as:
Person1: "Dude are you going to Z T.V. tonight?"
Person2: "Hell yeah, ZombieChan is so hot!"
by HHorrid August 27, 2009

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A "femanon" from the site 4Chan. She had a steam for about 2 months and then disappeared. Some say she is still lurking in the shadows of the internet. Others claim to have seen her on 4Chan here and there giving out advise.
Anon: B'aw, I don't know why my gf broke up with me!
ZombieChan: Where you a dick to her?
Anon: Sometimes...
ZombieChan: Well...there you go.
by havaranaman March 16, 2010