Denizens of the internerd.

They will not sleep, eat or perhaps even 'die' so long as they have access to the internerds. Harmful to humans who comes between them and their glowing boxes. Likes the dark.
Nerd A : Man, at least I used the net for information
Nerd B : you mean pr0n ?
Nerd A : I mean plagiarising assignments.. but when I came to the lab... all I saw were zombies man.....
Nerb B : Want me to warn the admin and bring out the shootaz ?
by summerfrost April 08, 2006
One of the most unfairly overlooked bands in history. You've probably heard "She's Not There" and "Time of the Season." Their other stuff is just as good.
The Zombies album Odessey and Oracle is one of the greatest records ever made.
by odesseyandoracle October 06, 2003
"The Zombies" happen after a night of smoking marijuana. To have "the zombies one would feel groggy and slow (still high) for 1-5 hours after waking up. "Some zombies" is also an acceptable phrase.
John Sample "Man, i got the zombies and I'm going to go take my midterm."
$+33\/: "Bummer d00d."


$+33\/: I got some zombies goin broski.
Broski: Double plus uncool.
by $+33\/ April 24, 2008
To ejaculate in the face of a sexual partner, ideally across the eyes. This will invariably result in them stumbling around, arms outstretched, moaning incoherently. Just like a zombie.
She was pissing me off, so I pulled a zombie on the bitch.
by Ian January 30, 2005
after knocking a girl out - see donkey punch, - spaff on her eyes. when she awakens, she shall'nt be able to see anything. like a zombie
by juggernaut sex monster October 22, 2003
A word meaning the undead and the only word NOT used to describe the walking dead.
Look at that zombie eating brains over there!
by DoctorWho? March 08, 2015

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