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When you lick from a girls rectum to her clitoris in one constant motion.
She was not very responsive until I gave her the Zip Lock.
by Eric Matthew July 15, 2010
a ziplock is slang for a body bag.
put him in a ziplock
by ruthless187 April 29, 2005
When the skin of one's sexual extremity gets caught in his zipper.
I was peeing on this asshole's motorcycle last night, but he came out of the bar, and in my hasty departure I got ziplocked.
by Dj Yahia August 09, 2007
when you penis gets caught in your fly zipper
Having a baby is painless compared to ziplock.
by chickenman June 12, 2003
Ziplock is a nice guy. He will share his hotwings with you (if he likes you). Can usually be found wearing a purple wizard hat (Ziplock is not a nerd though). Ziplock is also my best friend.
"Ziplock is atleast two times better then that other guy."
by Namlhof January 04, 2005
adj. The state of being rendered temporarily mute in the presence of your crush.
Fool, you was hype til she walked by, then you got ziplock.
by gigablip September 17, 2008
The term "Ziplock" refers to an economy disposable douche bag.
Dude, you are such a ziplock!
by HotRods_n_Booze November 13, 2007
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