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After having sexual intercourse with a woman in a bath tub full of water, hurry up and grab a toaster, plug it in and throw it into the tub whilst yelling "ZEUS BEOTCH!"
An example of a conversation after preforming a Zeus the previous night:

Person 1: How'd that shit with Kira go last night? You get any?

Person 2: Fuckin' right doggie! I Zuesed that slut!

Person 1: You might want to think about hiding out for a little while bro.
by Bebop45 November 09, 2008
37 32
Slang for a ZSU 23-4. A Russian anti-aircraft weapons platform.
Watch out for a Zeus, they'll turn our planes into scrap metal.
by Darrell A. Pierce January 12, 2004
39 34
A person who tries to rule everything. Thinks they are in charge at all times. Think they are as good as a greek god. Loves attention, and has a very big ego.
John: Dude Jeremy is bein a frickin Zeus
Kevin: Yea hes gonna start pissin people off.
by Jon Gabriel April 25, 2007
11 8
Verb. To smite from above with a thunderbolt.

Also used generally to mean kill or destroy, especially from a high elevation.
1. Colonel Tibbets and the crew of the Enola Gay zeused Hiroshima.

2. The sniper zeused the officer from 700 meters up the ridge.
by ChipSlap February 01, 2005
19 16
The most bad ass of all the Greek Gods. He has the power to throw lightning bolts, a power which he acquired by a skydiving incident in which he was struck by lighting (Spiderman has a similar story). Zeus once chugged two gallons of milk in under 30 minutes.
Guy 1: Hey, did you see what Zeus did the other day?
Guy 2: Yeah, he was pissed off at Steve so he threw a lighting bolt at his house!
by djgreggiegreg September 17, 2012
2 0

Zeus (noun) is formally know as the "king" of all Greek deities and ruler of Mount Olympus. As an adjective it is used to describe something that is amazing, awesome, indescribable, and so on. It is most often used in place of the word "epic" because that is just getting annoying.
-Yo dude, that party last night was so zeus.

by Elyse S. May 16, 2009
11 9
Equivalent to a victorious and powerful almighty "YES!"

God:"ZEUS!!!! (echoes) IM SO PROUD OF YOU SON!"
by Morgan Derp April 12, 2011
2 1