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Zenning. verb/adverb. stemmed from eastern word chán (禪) & sankrit word dhyāna.

Zenning is our pop culture way of saying "Hey look Im gonna take a mental hiatus from this bonkers world of greed and materialism. To do something enlightening for a change & meditate."
Sitting in the Lotus Position, breathing deeply & slowly. Creating inner peace and harmony with self. That can be of good use to the world when done.
"Im so Zenning out your negativity."
#zenning #meditation #zen #enlightenment #lotus position
by S. Oni July 30, 2011
When someone asks what you're doing and you wanna say you're 'chilling', 'cotching', 'relaxing', jamming' instead you say 'ZENNING'
Or someone asks how you are you say 'yeah I'm zen thanks, you?'
Martin: hey
Paul: hey how are you?
Martin: zen thanks! Wuu2?
Paul: not a lot really, listening to music, zenning...
#chilling #cotching #jamming #chill #bless
by siobhankh November 14, 2011
v. to sexually stimulate a female partner by moving one's thumb up and down over her clitoris, similar to the motion used in operating a Creative Zen mp3 player.
Dude, I was Zenning on Joe's mom last night, right after she gave me a blumpkin, and she went insane.
#ipodding #blumpkin #angry muslim #salty pirate #creative zen
by schwiftyfive October 09, 2006
verb. When a person becomes intoxicated and cannot open his or her eyes all the way. The same facial expression one shows when the lights are too bright and they squint their eyes, except in a relaxed state.
Yo chris your zenning the fuck out right now.
#chillin #relaxing #inebriated #drunk #chinese eyes
by The neighbors 3 feet away March 19, 2011
Zenning (or Zen-travel) is a form of transportation, often used by people looking for something that they know is near their current position, or people who want to waste alot of time.

Zenning is a simple transportation, seeing it can be used in a vehicle or on foot. It is finding someone who looks like they know where they are going, and then following them. This usually does not work, and is mainly used as a last option.
"sup, what were u doin all of yesterday? i saw u hangin round wif dose chicks from St Pauls?"
"oh i was zenning, u shud try it sometime!"
#zen #transportation #zen method #travel on foot #travel
by Shane Vincent July 03, 2006
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