A person who no one can hate. No one ever gets mad at this person, or talks about her negatively. If they spoke bad of her they would not live long.

Also- My Sister, whom I would die for.
God, shes such a Zenith I want to be like her.
by Ris December 26, 2004
Top Definition
A mix of flirtatious fun, sensuality, and a serious side, Zenith's generally make loyal and lasting friendships. As they like to play, they let their inner child shine. Zenith's are sociable by nature and dislike being alone. Their Spirits shine when they are with the ones they love. Laughter can always be found when a Zenith is near, but when needed, they can provide meaningful conversations. People tend to be drawn to Zenith's Loyal, Lively, and Lovely nature.
That dude is a total Zenith, and always has friends!
by GQcreeboi February 03, 2010
v1: above all others
n1: the highest point
n2: pwnage
n3: r0x0rz j00 b0x0rz
n4: better than ger
n5: Mooo...OUCH!
n6: Purple Monkey Dishwasher!
ZeNiTH r0x0rz my b0x0rz
by ZeNiTH February 09, 2003
any point facing and heading the opposite way of gravity. since the phrase "over and above" is a bit hard to apply to this, zenith has been referred to a point above something that might block its direct "connection" to the center of the gravitational pull.

...I assume, based on what I was taught.
you are standing on the earth, your "connection" to the earth is your feet, the very, very tip of your head is where zenith arises and moves "upwards."
by Standing Down August 17, 2007
1.an awsome word
2.the dragon of the moon
3.the top or peak; highest point
1.Zenith is a better word than ownage
2.I invoke the power of Zenith
3.the moon was at its zenith
by Zenith June 07, 2005
A company that makes products such as television sets.
"Zenith offers electronic entertainment products and develops digital high-definition television (HDTV) technologies."
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
princess.name that comes from xena warrior princess but isnt actually a warrior princess just a regular princess. she spends all time studying and asking subject to tutor her.
Subject: Hello princess zenith
Zenith: how may you help me subject? I need to finish statics
Subject: Yes princess right away!!
by aoihprgiha March 07, 2008
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