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A respectable member of GNAA and an old member of Cube-Europe.
He is known for his spamming, scripts, and finding insecuritie on message boards.
He is apart of an Uber-L33T group of friends known as the "Uber-L33Ts".

The group consists of members from Cube-Europe known as Largo, Piro, Jordan, Zeikfriend, AppleNdiB, Tendo, Fred, and Athriller. All of who all meet up regularly for LAN, drinking and casual pissing about.
Jordan: I just got LAID!!! :D
Largo: Yeah right!
Piro: Thats believably :P
Zeikfried: Was the assailant male or female, four legs?
Tendo: HAHAHA!
Athriller: This is one random topic!
Jordan: You guys suck!
Zeikfried: So yeah it wasnt Female :P
by Largo March 28, 2005

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