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Zebulun: A boy who's name means "To exault". A boy who brings joy to most everything he comes in contact with. A boy who knows what to do and when to do it and listens and cares for people with every iota of integrity he can possibly have. A boy who is stubborn but always as sweet as chocolate berry wine. A boy who deserves better than the best! A boy who deserves a girl who will treat him right, make him laugh when he's sad, a girl who could lay under the stars with him all night and think that not even every star combined can be more beautiful than his eyes.

A boy named Zebulun is a handsome, adorable, hot, sweet boy who isn't afraid to do things and doesn't think that crying makes you any less of a man. A boy who would joyfully dive in front of a bullet if it meant saving the woman he loves.

Zebulun…A boy who lives up to the title his woman/girl will gave him…A.K.A. Mi Vida ("My life" in Spanish".).

Zebulun: the person who is gentleman-like, loving, and the real definition of what love really is.
Zebulun is mi vida. I could never live anything or anyone more than I love him!
by keelykittyk April 22, 2011
(Noun) A man/boy who respects other people and women, is very attractive, and one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet! His qualities generally include:
Good Personality

He is not afraid to act stupid or admit to sensitive stuff and he is nice to everybody. He is the type of boy you can't help but to love!!!
Zebulun! He's my 'mi vida'! I love him!
by mividaskitty April 25, 2011
A term used to describe a male who is attractive and popular, but is found wanting in most relational aspects. A zebulun can usually get any girl he wants, but has a "hit it and quit it" motto. Zebuluns are commonly known to be: prom kings, "cool" kids, and intelligent. Zebuluns base all of their relationships on how attractive/popular a girl is. They are never seen in the company of fatties or ugos. Zebuluns most likely have never been in a real relationship, as they move from girl to girl constantly; callous, heartless, unfeeling, uncaring, cold.
Person 1: Hey, why was Rachel crying earlier?

Person 2: Some guy told her he loved her and then fucked her. Then he dumped her the next day.

Person 1: Damn. What a fucking zebulun.
by Annajonescheer February 24, 2010

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