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A term used to describe a male who is attractive and popular, but is found wanting in most relational aspects. A zebulun can usually get any girl he wants, but has a "hit it and quit it" motto. Zebuluns are commonly known to be: prom kings, "cool" kids, and intelligent. Zebuluns base all of their relationships on how attractive/popular a girl is. They are never seen in the company of fatties or ugos. Zebuluns most likely have never been in a real relationship, as they move from girl to girl constantly; callous, heartless, unfeeling, uncaring, cold.
Person 1: Hey, why was Rachel crying earlier?

Person 2: Some guy told her he loved her and then fucked her. Then he dumped her the next day.

Person 1: Damn. What a fucking zebulun.
by Annajonescheer February 24, 2010

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