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Instant messenger that talks to most existing messengers, including yahoo, aim, and msn. seems to be great, but is actually spyware.
Zango is awesome.. too bad it is harmful to my computer!
by RAWRjosh May 07, 2007
An acronym for something bad.
ZANGO means:


In which, you're only hurting your computer because it's going inside it painfully... some spam, adware, trojans, and all that orgasms computers get.
by 01284102 September 30, 2007
it's what you say when you have a boner, and when you see a hot girl(s) next to you
a hot girl walks by and as obious what Boy did yelled out" Zango!!!!"
by Curly_Fries123 December 08, 2015
Reffering To Someone, Or Something, That Is A Weak Person, Or Thing, That Is Not Capable Of Doing Things On His Own, Someone Who Always Needs Help From Others.
How Come I Always Have To Lend You Money You Zango?
by x_____FLiPsTu May 24, 2006
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