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A great person who will always be a good friend.

Very self absorbed at Times but can be called to order rather fast
Has such a big good side that she almost has no bad side that's why if you are on her bad side, you're part of a small few.

Makes lame jokes that not even she can laugh at yet you will laugh at the effort she put in.

A beautiful soul attached to a beautiful person.
Person1: that joke was soooooooooo dry!!

Person2: Zandile made it.

Person1: makes sense... She's fine though!!
by John Alberta Graystone December 19, 2013
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A girl of dark nature.
Makes corny jokes.

In love with her own physical being and is over obsessed with midgets
Person 1: What's that black spec in the distance?

Person 2: Oh that's just Zandile
by John Alberta Graystone December 18, 2013

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