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The most amazing person to ever exist.
Ash: youre the most amazing person to ever exist
Zadie: i know right, just look at me - all amazing n shit.
#zadie #ash #lol #hahha #cool
by ashyooo October 06, 2011
She is the best girlfriend. And the happiest person on earth. She is extremely CUTE and funny. Who ever meets a Zadie should flip for her when you look at her face.
A GUY -"Hey dude, it's your girlfriend Zadie!"

Another GUY- " OH yeah!?"

A GUY- " You should ask her out on your first date!

Another GUY -"I have already done that and it was easy peasy lemon breazy ."

A GUY -"Wow, I wish that i have a girlfriend now."
#extremely cute #funny #sexy #romantic #love the beaches
by L.A. LOVE May 14, 2015
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