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Zombie Apocalypse. The fictional phenomenon of a virus being transmitted through bodily fluids, taking over the host's brain and basic body functions. Referred to on Facebook frequently by Zombie Apocalypse Preparation Facebook Page.
Jarrod: Hey, why do you need 14 guns?

Doug: I need supplies when the ZPoc happens!
by SXY S14 August 23, 2010
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1) acronym - (Zee Promise of Christ)
2) noun - a p2p program used to download Christian music
3) tr. v. (zpocced, zpoccing) - to download Christian music
4) n - a program hated by members of the band Pillar
1) (dude) Hey d00d, Zee Promise of Christ is eternal life.... (d00d) No it's not! It's free music!
2) Bobby White is the founder of ZPoC.
3) Hey man I am gonna go zpoc some Mortification. (I ZPocced some mortification. I am zpoccing some mortification.
4) Please dont allow Pillar files to be allowed on Zpoc. - Kalel
by DC++guy August 06, 2004
Zpoc is short for zombie apocalypse. People who are knowledgeable about zombie apocalypses call them "Zpocs."
You better start collecting canned food and shotgun shells to gear up for the "Zpoc."
by 7eguitar June 15, 2013

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