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The accepted name for young attractive girls preferably in school uniforms.
Douglas 'did you see Indy the other day'
Rupert 'ye man shes top notch yuss'
by kinglewy January 03, 2010
Better Way Of Saying Yes, Without Being Uptight And/Or Anal.
Would You Like An Ice Cream Sandwich?

by Jane-Lane July 10, 2008
Another word for "yes", used to express a feeling of complete happiness and excitement and usually accompanied by the biggest, dandiest smile possible.
"Should we ride the bumper cars?"

by YussFace December 09, 2009
Yuss is a term used to describe a hot girl who is well below the legal age or is much younger than you. yuss = young puss, yussy= young pussy.
a group of guys who try to score Yuss are known as 'Yuss Hunters'.
Can also be associated with Yick, Yilly, Yock.
Ben "did u see that group of 15 year olds going to the disco?"
John " yeah major YUSS"
by lolingatu April 25, 2010
A simpletons response to a question
Are you alright Colin?
by Tavit June 09, 2003
Meaning “Why you so stupid?” A favorite phrase of MASTER ReDai. The MASTER has to ask people this question when they choose any product other than HOT POCKETS brand sandwiches or, actually any time they do anything. The MASTER has high standards and a deep love for HOT POCKETS. You didn’t know what it meant? Why you so stupid?
Brad: Hey MASTER ReDai what’s 2 + 2.
MASTER ReDai: Why you so stupid?(YUSS) You no want math, you want HOT POCKETS
by MoxieWoxie April 17, 2007

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