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Abbreviation for You're an Unwanted Penis
RJ: This shy girl doesn't want to talk to me. I couldn't get her number
Nikki: OMG you're such a Y.U.P.
by lil beastie March 14, 2014
Y.U.P.(Young Unouchable Players) nov'04 - nov'05. A group of young men who were in the tri-state area (mainly in Staten Island)and who pimped alot of women and disposed of alot of men. The group/gang lasted for a year but although it only took a year for it to be shut-down the group had reached a huge audience. The group consisted of almost every ethnicity emaginable. And many people were sent to the hospital for testing the toughness of these individuals. The public high school first hit by this movement was Susan E. Wagner high, of Staten Island. There were also exctensions such as the Yupetts(female version) and the JR Y.U.P(younger version). It was not uncommon for the word "YUP!" to be shouted out by Y.U.P. members during a gang brawl.
Some Y.U.P. guy was flirting with my sister. I wanted to stop him but I saw what happend to the last guy to get on their bad side.
by sifckeduhard September 04, 2007
A definite yes to a question and then a subject change.
Like yes whats up.
Laura: Do you think that guy likes me?
Haley: Yups
by Clayposo August 29, 2007
expressing agreement or consent.
"do you have my pen?"
"yup, i do"
by king.a November 07, 2011
A placeholder for when one party lacks the knowledge of what to articulate towards the opposing party (opposing does not mean the enemy team, as in this case it refers to the other group)
We were talking to these girls and it went silent for a few seconds and Torey said "yup" and then they left.

This girl was talking random crap to me and at the end i replyied with "yup"
by Sand-Couch April 12, 2011
a word used when
1.) you have nothing nice to say
2.) you are extremely bored with the conversation
3.) you are in the middle of something dirty and want the phone to stop buzzing.
person one: hey whats up?

person one: hey whats up?

person two: yup
by tacogrl February 02, 2011
means yes, yeah, sure, fo shizzle, usually used for agreement. Also used when one doesn't know what to say next.
person 1: .......and that's when I switched to the new ointment!
person 2:...yup
by Justcallmechica October 08, 2010