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A long-time resident of the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia. One clue as to whether someone is a Yunker (pronounced Yoonk-er)is their pronunciation of the word Manayunk. Newcomers emphasize the first syllable (MAN-a-yunk) while Yunkers emphasis the last syllable (Man-a-YOONK).
How do you like your neighbors on Cresson St.?

I don't know. I've been there 6 months and they still haven't talked to me. They're real old-school Yunkers.
#manayunk #philadelphia #neighborhoods #myk #main street
by PJPJO April 21, 2008
Fucked up in the head or a modern hippie- smokes alot of reefer
You are so Yunkers!
#fucked up #shit faced #smashed #high #drunk #stoned
by george jenkins November 13, 2005
An old lifetime friend that shuns, or, ex-communicates lifetime friends for no good reason.

See: brillo, brilloed, YES
, barred,hermit,recluse,deranged
1) YES, it hurts me deeply to realize that Edward "yunkered" you at the poker game, and myself as well.

2) I "yunker" them, so they stay away!! Then I can paint and drink in peace.

3)'"Why are you calling me? You've been "YUNKERED!!!"'
#benedict arnolod #fast friend #indian giver #old timer #grampa #jerk #fool #butthole
by Jon C Wilson January 16, 2007
My friend's really ugly and fat sister that farts alot.
Tell yunker to go to her fucking room
by Chaos July 20, 2003
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